"Where do the coaches go for lunch? " you asked and here is the answer.

Hello, this is Tsukada. The weather is getting ready for Songkran, the water splashing event. I have been asked by our members this question. "Where do the coaches go for lunch and how do they spend their lunch hour?" so I would like to talk about that today. My lunch hour.

The answering is….(drum roll please!!!) "The Ramen King, it is!!" I personally visit about twice a week since it opened.

This is how looks inside. This picture was taken around 2, Sunday afternoon, and still a lot of people were three.

I have ordered Tonkotsu Ramen. (You can choose to buy from different Ramen Shops. )

Wow, it was delicious!! Oh, didn't I touch my noodles? No, this is my second batch. You can buy the second if you enjoyed and quickly finished your first batch.

Never think about extra calories, I just can not resist the second even I should have been full.

Lately, K-village has been very popular and doing many different events, I see a lot of people.

It is hard to find the parking space some times.

I have my regular coffee to complete my short but happy lunch hour. How do you spend your lunch hour?

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