Only 1000B/month!? No way!? Yes, way!! Offer stands until March 31.

Hello, everyone. This is written by Tsukada. The Japanese school has started spring break already, how about yours? Our "Songkran Week Promotion" was originally planned from Feb 20th to March 20th but we were asked by many to prolong. Therefore we will extend until the March 31st.

I would like to take this opportunity to explain again about our great deals. It will be 1000bht per person for 1st and 2nd semester each. But here is better deal. If you decide to join right away after trying out our free lesson, you only have to pay half on your 1st semester. (It will be 500bht on 1st and 1000bht on second semester) If you are thinking about joining as a pair (friend, family..sorry we can not teach your lovely dog yet…) It will be 1500bht per semester (pair price) so as the second semester. As I explain earlier if you join right away after trying our free class..It will be 250bht on 1st semester and 750bht for 2nd semester. What a great deal to start playing tennis this year!! Come and try us!!

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