After School Tennis @ AISB School soi 20 week 5

Hello everyone! Week 5 today we spent the day hitting forehands and backhands. Everyone understood the bounce and hit concept. We even got to hitting the ball from the side of our bodies. It was amazing!!  We played a game called circle rally at the end. 

William's backhand. His stance is looking good. Weight on the front foot with slight knee bend. Keep it up!!

Ava you too nice looking shot! Ava has quite a bit of knowledge about tennis already so she is eager to play the game. 

Johnny looking good on his backhand with an natural open stance. He just started the class last, but has caught on very quick.

Amber practicing her backhand as well. Racket out in front looks like a well contacted shot!

Evangeline hitting with a two handed forehand. Coach was tossing the ball from across the net near the orange pads. Right side was forehand and left side was backhand. 

Finally, Beren hitting her backhand. She is also left-handed. It's great to see everyone progressing. Coach is impressed!! 

"Look forward to seeing everyone next week!!"

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Staff Introduction:
  Shinichi George Kidera  APF ACADEMIES COACH

Happy New 2015 Year! All the best to all! What are your goals for this new year. I'd like to run another full marathon again and get into gymnastics training. Of course, keep up with my tennis game!

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