Great Effort Tournament Challengers!

Taking place regularly is our APF academies Junior Singles Tournament.
Hi it's Matsushita your tournament director.
This time the tournament was geared towards our beginners.


Aimed for our JF class students, the court was made smaller into 60 feet.(Orange Stage 2)  Instead of the traditional serve, player used their forehand to start the point off. The emphasis placed was on ground strokes for this tournament.


Runner-up Rentaro
"I regret losing, but I will practice a lot more for the next tournament."


The Winner Kohei
He won with his consistent ground strokes.
Kohei was able to learn how to compete during the tournament. Lets continue to increase our level of play.

Next month JA & PP class

October will hold the Master Series 500 aimed for the JA & PP class students.
Hope many will sign-up! 

Staff Introductiona04130720 Yuichiro Matsushita APF academies coach
 Lately I travel in search of new cafes.
 Enjoy visiting small cafes that aren't too busy.

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