【ZERO1】ZERO1 Bangkok Day 2 Short Program Complete!

My body is hurting by sunburn and sleep deprivation. Hello it's Tsukada. The 2 day Zero1 camp held a Kiarti Thanee country club has come to an end.

Based on Mr.Kaneko's (CEO)  philosophy, we would like our juniors class students here in Bangkok to further develop a deeper understanding of the game and become better tennis players! That is the reason why ZERO1 was made. 22 participants started the camp with next to zero knowledge but went home with the initial strength of one. The two days act as a starting point to continue practicing and learning. We'd like to thank all 22 participating junior athletes, their families, Kiarti Thanee Country Club for the facility, coaches, and bus drivers.

 Athletes and participants were presented with the 'allout' towel. allout is becoming a brand.

This years Zero1 Japan will be with (CEO) Hideko Kaneko the 1995 All Japan Champion along with myself Kenichiro Tsukada on the television screen.

APF provide the athletes with the best environment. If your going to play might as well play in an environment that is clean, good weather, and with coaches wouldn't you say so? We aim to create such environment.

Direct advice from (CEO) Mr. Kaneko is a superb experience for the athletes. When will be the next time he comes around to teach?

Let's start by remembing friends names! This is a very important aspect! We as adults are responsible to create an environment where students can remember each others names, not, "Hey you must learn everyones name!" This is our allout fan page which is a must have. We live in a world where we can not live without mobile phone and usage of IT technology. It is our responsibility to instruct students by creating rules on 'how' to use and 'usage time', but not completely restricting usage. By doing so they are able to use cut lost time and spend their road trip experiences with more fulfilment . At APF, not only do we teach tennis, but from our coaching experience provide consistent guidance that is pertinent to our present needs. As always, we appreciate your continued support.

Introducing our staffsDSC 7843a Kenichiro Tsukada APF ACADEMIES

"Actively working to make APF Academies a more International Academy!"

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