My first APF series 250

 Hello..Check, check, mic test 1,2..1,2 What a beautiful day in beautiful smile city of Bangkok. Today's MC is me, Matsushita..What's Uuuuuppppp!!??
On the serious note, 15 young players have entered The series 250 APF tennis tournament.
Some are playing their really first official match. So cool to see everyone doing their best.

The finalist is Kota. He has been showing up at the practice consistently. He is getting better, it shows in every match he played.。
This time he could not win the tournament but he will win very soon for sure.

The winner is Eishin.
He was really pumped up and have said he will take this tournament before begins.

And he was right!!
Fantastic! What a man with his words!! This is not a pro tournament so he will not earn the money nor points. If you call it, just a game…might be right. But he had set up his goal and gave all to conquer that. Much respect.

I say this all the time but need to teach them how to be photographed. If they want to be top players they better get used to taking good pictures for the press. That is how much we care for them.

You can see more pictures in flickr.


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