what is advantages of the group lesson?

what is advantages of the group lesson?

Joining a tennis lesson as a group is not familiar in Singapore. Now, we would like to pick some advantages of the group lesson and tennis school for people who have never been to tennis school.


In our tennis school, we always create several new ideas in order to make a fun of the lesson. There is a beginner class (we call Start Class) which is for the people who never step on the tennis court, never pick a tennis racket, never hit a ball and also never done any sports in your life… Even if you can’t play tennis well and are not confidence for physical activities, you can continue playing tennis with fun based on our program!!!


“I’m really worry about feeling to make a fun of a group lesson” or “I’m not sure what is defined as tennis school?” In order to solve these questions, we provide you a free trial lesson.


We provide you a rental tennis racket as free for people who are worried continuing our program, but you would like to take the lesson first of all. In fact, if you forget to bring the tennis racket or shoes to the lesson, we would like to apply you same conditions.


People who are thinking “I’m always busy and not sure when I can take the lesson next time”. For those people, we design you a system, which is called “Make-Up”. Advantage of this system for busy people is that if you can’t attend a lesson due to personal reason, you can attend other classes alternatively in different day.  


APF Academies is located in Sukhumvit 26 where is really easy to access from city-area. We promote you comfortable environment in order to have more making a fun of tennis.

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