Adult lessons general program

We provide various unique drills designed by former All Japan champion, Hideki Kaneko, to meet your full potential. However, goal is not limited only to produce tennis champions. Of course, we provide intense tennis sessions, but also we provide you a place to meet new people, make friends and improve your community life in Singapore.



Start Class

Players learn basic fundamentals of playing tennis such as how to hold the grip. The session is 60min and you can take it as long as you are available during a month. One of advantages of this class is that you may take a lesson as much as you want. In other words, we provide this class 4 times a week, and therefore, if you would like to take all of lessons, you may take them 16 times a month. It is a great opportunity to improve your skill rapidly.


Beginner Class

Players who are promoted skills by start class. You continue learning fundamental technique and also try to acquire applied basic skills.


Intermediate Class

Players focus to learn approach to volleys and strategy for a match. You may learn more aggressive tennis.


Advance Class

Players work on the developing the aspects of the game. You are required earning a recommendation by any coaches in order to join the class.


Tournament Class

Players learn comprehensive and skilled technique for their games.

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